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Originally Posted by Ibrahiim al Balooshi
Problem Solved. The Habaabi Khanjar.
Note to library.

The term Habaabi applies only to a region in Saudia which was about 90 years ago in Yemen. Its main seaport is Jazan and was a minor hub trade linked to Muscat and Zanzibar. Habaabi is actually the regionals capital name and it can be searched on the web.

The Habaabi Khanjar in its original form can be seen at interesting jambiya on eBay by Lew. It is noticeable in virtually all respects how similar this variant is to the Royal Khanjar of Oman from which it must have been copied. Transfer of style is estimated in the 1850 ad region. My theory about Habaabi tribal swathes of territory near Bahrain thus collapses though my primary theory applies.

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.

Salaams; Note to Library. In determining where is Hababi (see map at

CORRECTION The place Hababi is in Yemen South West Of Ta'izz and about half way to the Red Sea coast ~ In Yemen.

The dagger though it is termed "The Hababi" by Omanis may be termed something else in Yemen and the border area with Saudia Arabia(The Assir) discussed above. The place which gave the weapon its name is Hababi in the Yemen some distance to the South of the border ... but in Yemen.

The following statement remains more or less intact;

What I intend to show is how this migration brought with it the Omani Khanjar that we see today but for a comparison we need to look at the Asir regional dagger. ( The Asir has been part of Yemen up to about 1923 but is now part of Saudia Arabia. The capital is Abha and the main seaport of the region is Jazan.) For further references to the Asir dagger see the following~

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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