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Originally Posted by freebooter
Thank you or higlighting this Richard.

I can see a very straight handle leading in to a Quillon block that sits atop the scabbard and being the same width as the sabbard throat, a lot like the Yemen types discussed, but to my eye, the white disc does not appear to be of the same form as the quillon block and quillons of these old swords. From what has been published in these pages, if it was called a Yemen example of the type I would somewhat agree more.

I can see to the left side something that could be considered a quillon end, but looking at left side versus the right side, the left side is a straight line squarely up from the horizontal line of the scabbard throat.

Also note that the white oval marked as the quillon block and quillons is oval in its entire form. These older swords, whilst having a slight curve to this area do not adopt an oval form as this white oval does, but ends in vertical quillons and lobed ends...the white disc does not clearly show this old form to my eye.

Even with your point being taken, I do not think this image, that can draw several visual appreciations, can be considered conclusive that it is the pure "Oman" type of the older sword. The blade's narrow width and long length is also somewhat of a rarer sword when comparing to the "type". If it is "old world", the quillon block shape would surely be considered unique and more in line with those that has been classified as "Yemeni", perhaps the Yemen attribution of these other swords discussed needs to be explored further for intermarriage.

PS, I must be a Sultan too, I don't dance and love waiving swords around.

Salaams ~ The attribution of the Yemeni swords by which I assume you mean the ones perhaps related to the Military museum exhibits is being fully aired on its own thread.

The anchor thread with a full and complete detail of the Abbassiid Omani Sword technology shift which spawned the Omani Battle Sword is at ''Kattara for comments" and ideal now as a background forum library reference. The Omani Sayf or Dancing Sword has its own thread as does the Omani Kattara because they are all completely different blades and separate entities. The linkage between the Sayf and Kattara is in the long hilt form which may or may not be related to the Yemeni longhilt. (personally however, I think they are related) Separating the different swords allows each to be examined much more carefully so we can all wave them about whilst jumping up and down instead of pulling our hair out trying to fathom which is which.

Essentially there are 4 Omani Swords;

1.The Omani Battle Sword.
2.The Straight Sayf Dancing Sword.
3.The Curved Kattara.
4.The Omani Shamshiir (not yet launched as a thread).

I am delighted that you can see the quillons on the sketch of Sultan Bargashs Omani Battle Sword.

I will be delighted to convince you about the dancing sword in due course ... and on the other thread ya of course. The background detail is also contained in Kattara for comments and I am extracting details all the time from there.

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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