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Originally Posted by freebooter
Ibrahiim, the sword in #12 is not the sword in the drawing....there are no visible quillons in the drawing, do look closer.



Salaams. Did I say it was the same sword? I think not. Use any example of any Omani Battle Sword on thread and compare.

The sword in the sketch is with turned down quillons in the exact style of The Omani Battle Sword . Further if you consider the tubular (and usually octagonal tubular shape of the hilt) it additionally identifies this as such.

Moreover, Dancing swords, The Straight Omani Sayf, have flattened conical hilts broadening toward the frontal cuff and no crossguard or quillons as such.

Also reverse engineering this individual regarding his weapons~ he would be very unlikely to wear a dancing sword since it would be he (as Royalty) that the large congregation of march past contingent actually salute waving and buzzing their dancing swords in the air as part of the tradition. Sultans don't dance ...

He on the other hand would be wearing a different sword. This one would be ideal as it likely had ... like the hilt of the Khanjar he is seen with in the same sketch... a Royal hilt Iconized and designed by one of the wives(Sheherezad) of the previous Sultan. As was his Royal turban.

The outline by Richard G further puts the point.
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