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Originally Posted by freebooter
Dear Ibrahiim,

The image you have presented lacks the traditional quillons of the earlier sword types and the length and width of the sword pictured is in line with the type you claim are only dance swords.

With respect, I suggest, based on the image you have shown above and the larger detail I have presented below, that Khalid bin Barghash's sword is a long handled fighting sword of the later type you refer to as dance swords.



Salaams ~ Please look again at the sketch.. It shows a straight Old Omani Battle Sword with obvious turned down quillons. Dancing swords (straight Sayf) and Kattara (Curved) longhilts didn't have quillons.

Note that I show this sketch to illustrate how late the weapon was being worn..thus in a way it was the caretaker fighting sword all the way through the Gunpowder revolution.

It would perhaps be of some benefit if you re-read the massive detail contained in the library at Kattara for comments which acts as the anchor and main source to this thread. I think that will put us on the same page.

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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