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Salaams All~ Note to Library; The top hole is well illustrated in Omani Battle Swords. The tang falls short of that point having two securing holes. The obvious reason that it was used as a wrist strap anchor point is generally accepted. On the very odd occasion it is sometimes seen filled with a rivvet.

Interestingly the crossguard has two holes mirroring the design of the Mamluke sword suggesting that this entire design is a cross of two museum forms shown in post #10.

The Omani Battle Sword is similar in design to the Ottoman/ Mamluke Sword at Picture 1 post# 10 on 13 counts and to the Mamluke/ Ottoman Sword at Picture 2 post# 10 on 16 counts.

The two Ottoman/Mamluke forms by association and design comparison must therefor both be Abbassiid.

The technology transfer to the Omani Battle Sword is thus still underpinned at 751 AD.

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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