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Default The Omani Sayf. ( The Omani Straight Dancing Sword)

Salaams all ~ This new thread re-introduces The Omani Straight Sayf noted for its long hilt(identical to the Kattara), flexible blade, spatulate tip and sharpened on both sides to honour the forefathers and the sword they went to war with (The Omani Battle Sword) In this case the sword though vicious looking and used in anger would certainly cause damage is not, nor has it ever been a fighting weapon. It is a pageantry sword only. It is used in the famous Funoon traditions in dancing and warlike parading and in a mimic fights between 2 contestants where the single winning point is won by touching the thumb with your blade of the opponents shield bearing hand (left hand) The sword like the Omani Battle Sword is used with a Buckler Shield (Terrs). They are hoisted by squadrons of men buzzing the blades with fast wrist action and often tossed high in the air and caught by the hilt. It is also used at important meetings of VIPS and at weddings, National Day celebrations and Eid festivities.
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