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Salaams Note to Library; A largely pictorial note is logged in here to patch in the varieties of like type swords identified as far back as Abassiid through the Mamluke and Ottoman transfer of technology and via the Abasiids directly to the Omani style during their battles in the 8th

The long metalic hilt is being pondered as of January 2013 as linked with the development of the Omani long hilt Sayfs and Kattaras possibly late 18th C. either accidentally or deliberately linked to the formation of the Al busaiid dynasty and / or with the slave trade link.

The Omani Battle Sword is being viewed as linked to the Abassiid in either its dis similar hilt form (photo 3 below) or the long hilt in the Istanbul Military Museum likely to also be Mamluke and Abbasiid.

Where the Wallace Sword fits is also open to conjecture.... it is dated about 1790.

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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