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I think we are in a tough area when it comes to common nomenclature for the knives/swords of cultures and areas of the world with which we have little direct experience. And that is probably true for the vast majority of us who post here.

When locals a few miles apart call the same item something different, it is going to be very hard for us to arrive at consensus about a particular name. The original subject of this discussion could certainly be described as a golok by some groups -- it is a heavy bladed chopper, and Stone uses the term for a similar knife -- but probably not in its host culture.

And one of the things that is great about this Forum, we get to hear a diversity of opinions from within and outside the host culture. Thanks to marto suwignyo for giving us the local names that might be applied to this interesting piece. Even so, he gives us a collection of terms that may apply. Which just emphasizes the point that there is usually no one correct answer when it comes to asking "what is it?"

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