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Hello, all

Fecho Anselmo. Figure 1 on page 451 of "Espingarda Perfeyta" - I think you missed the safety hook (dog-lock) as there are two holes in the deck, and they correspond to the hook and the spring. Note that the trigger has an appendix to act hook, even with a projection. This means half mounted, and is in the key of primitive lace NEAL, LAVIN described in page No. 185, and continued to be produced in the key "to morlacca" or "the mojacca". It was also used in the "Company of transitions" in "Pistols and pedrenyales trabucs". MARTI. SALAS and CALVO (Catalan language)

Key (lock) of pin invention the "wedge" half mounts (half-cock) does not act on the end of the pin, but at the bottom of the curve and thus the "shims" are reversed in deck . There are many Spanish specimens, and due to the mutual influence can not know the origin.
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