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Originally Posted by Prasanna Weerakkody

Balooshi, I have run the concept of Kasthana origin being the word Asthana with a few Sri Lankan historians and linguists and there is agreement to the high probability of the root of the word.

The design origin of Kasthana is also indigenous; and very likely pre-dated Portuguese arrival; though some elements of the Kasthana in its final form may have had possible Portuguese influence. I am still working on this- need more work…

Salaams Weerakkody ~ All good. It is entirely feasible that the Kastane is Portuguese assisted or even a pre Portuguese then later modified weapon... perhaps jointly worked and produced. It still remains possible, however, that this is a weapon developed by Portuguese / Sri Lankan co-operation post 1505. Perhaps there is some evidence at Museum level or in the archives?

My earlier suggestion of the link in Martial Arts weaponry may be another source.

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