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Salaams all ~ This is indeed an awesome battle sword. I have, however only ever seen one proper looking stamp or rather inscription which I believe has a date and the makers name but I cannot decipher..Possibly Nizwa.

I have just completed a restoration of a couple of hilts (leather work) and the placement of scabbards with swords that had none... lost in time....The leather work is as per the Battle Sword Example at the TRM in Quwait and various examples in Muscat museums. The leather is occasionally dyed either black or brown. The pattern typically geometric. This is a multi phase restoration with the remaining phase to include silver mounts and possible silver floral work to the 2 holes in the crossguard... small silver studs. There may be added quite extensive silver to the throat and toe. Over the last few centuries and certainly since the 1744 takeover of the dynasty now ruling this sword has become iconic and even has a silver hilt like the Royal Khanjar.

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