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I honestly never saw a setscrew in patillas I have owned, handled, or viewed in books, magazines, and on the internet. Perhaps because most images show only the outside of the lock and/or I wasn't paying attention. A quick review of Lavin and Neal revealed no such setscrew. So once again, you, Broadaxe, and fernando have brought interesting things to light. I love this forum.

Fernando K
Originally Posted by Fernando K
The fact that an Italian gun is mounted with a key (lock) de patilla, Spanish, Catalan-miguelete or should not mislead: this key (lock) key member of the group share the same Mediterranean and horizontal trigger system: lock a Roman. agujeta. morlacca or lock the mojacca. Even locks "to the Roman" have been built in Spain, and has influenced the lock "to the three modes" Spanish

Quite true. Many (most) of us know about the myriad forms and diffusion of the miquelet, however, to the uninitiated general public (and the NRA Museum), it is unknown and/or puzzling. That is why I created a Wikipedia page on the Miquelet Lock a couple of years ago (which could be better if I had decent images-they have strict image rules).

On another matter, on an earlier post I mentioned that the use of the patilla on scavezzos was "interesting". Poor choice of terms, it seems. By "interesting", not out of ignorance, but smug affirmation that often the scavezzos were fitted with patilla locks because they were considered more robust, reliable, and not fussy about flints; virtues a coach guard would want. That make sense?
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