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Exclamation Historical evidence

Olá Ibrahiim,
Evidence of the origin of the term caste and the assumption that there aren't any recorded kastanes before Portuguese arrival is one thing ... and the appearing of the sword and its given name as a result of Portuguese influence, is another.
... A missing link that you now well call hypothesis... a fresh one.
But then, entering the field of hypotheses, why not give a chance to that of the down curved quillons being a remnant of Portuguese swords characteristics ? Not to speak of that of the term Kastane deriving from Katana, the Japanese sword that appeared in the XIV century and which name was incorporated in the Portuguese language in the XVI century, after their arrival in Japan. We know that, once the term became (also) portuguese, was widely used in other continents and applied in a general sense to various types of edged weapons. Why then not possible that this was the way the Kastane got its name ... either given by Portuguese or even Cingalese ?
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