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Originally Posted by ariel
Well, you might be onto something:-)
I went to Wiki ( British Encyclopedia of the 21st century:-) and looked for Vajdrayana and Makara. Indeed, there is a connection between them. The Vajdrayana weaponry have a common motive of "emerging from the mouth of crocodile".
Not bad, man, not bad :-)
I am slowly inching toward your side. Now, an old example would definitely win me over.

Salaams ariel~ Yes I needed to do a full in depth crash course into all of that !! The historical detail is immense. The interesting thing is I would never have twigged that this was indeed the case about the Buddhist linkage had I not stumbled onto the recent thread by Shimaal on a strange cutter device and the post by Jim; see

What is further puzzling is displayed at #15 of this thread which is an axe from Sri Lanka with what appear to be quillons (similar to the Kastane quillons) turned the wrong way. This looks like an ancient form of weapon and supports somewhat my theory not only because of its probable age but because it interprets the quillon format simply as a design so perhaps the Kastane does that also?

I believe the Makara and supporting monsters shown having teamed from its mouth onto the Knuckleguard in the half human faced style and others onto the cross guard and apparent "Quillons" are the foundation of the hypothesis and are obvious when inspecting the many Kastane on this thread. Where I think the "game set and match" point is won is on linking the structure to the Buddhist artefact which therefor predates the Europeans in the Indian Ocean by hundreds of years.

The Lions share of this discovery, however, goes to Forum !!

Thanks for your kind support.

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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