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Originally Posted by ariel
Very clever and very original!
So, in fact, your hypothesis postulates that the "quillons" on Kastane are a modification of the Buddhist Vajra, no? My hesitation is that Vajra conveyed a very different religious message from Makara, and Makara, as you said, is so ubiquitous in South Indian weapon decoration that its mere presence is not unexpected.
Are there any similar Sri Lankan weapons pre-dating the arrival of the Portugese?

I love your hypothesis and a finding of such an example would be a strong argument in favor of it.

Salaams Ariel, Ya precisely. Its true the Vajra wasn't an area I had expected to find a link but there it is on the ritual Buddhist tool/weapon with the supporting demons sliding down the projections... as they do on the Kastane. Insofar as other weapons pre Portuguese I suspect there are some older Kastane in that bracket and axes seen earlier in the thread as well as accoutrements as I mentioned.
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