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Originally Posted by Ibrahiim al Bailooshi
..... ancient Buddhist religion which simply go hand in hand with the Makara and supporting demons. When shown with a rainguard extending down the throat the design there-on is often reminiscent of peacock feathering for which the Makara is famous.

Whilst the Portuguese and or others may have been involved in workshops production of the Kastane jointly with some Sri Lankan cooperation they were not the designers neither were the Moors. This is a thoroughbred Sri Lankan sword...

As.Wr.Wb. Ibrahiim al Bailooshi,

May I simply applaud you for formulating and making your submission. May I also make the following addendum:
The Makara is an ancient Indian symbol of power, adopted by early Buddhism.
It is a composite creature which conveys the attributes of a crocodile; the jaw of a crocodile, the trunk of an elephant, the upper tusks and ears of a wild boar, the eyes of a monkey, the body and scales of a fish and the tail feathers of a peacock. To date, it has undergone evolutionary change in appearance, especially in areas where it has been adopted and adapted, acquiring such things as lion's head,fish gills, dragon talons etc.

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