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Salaams~ Note to Forum~ The reader may be aware of an undercurrent of facts pertaining to the Arabs of Sri Lanka known as Sri Lankan Moors and who appeared as trader immigrants in the murky, distant past. It has been suggested that short curved swords were introduced by them though whilst they may have added weapons of that nature I have no reason to believe they were in any way involved in Kastane design but it is an interesting side note. They appeared thus in an article from

Quote ''Alexander Johnston has recorded that: …the first Muslims who settled in the country, were, according to the tradition which prevails among their descendants, a portion of those Arabs of the House of Hashim who were driven from Arabia in the early part of the eighth century by the Umayyad Caliph Abd-al Malik bin Marwan, and who proceeding from the Euphrates southward, established settlements in the Concan, the southern parts of the Indian peninsula, Sri Lanka and Malacca. He adds that the division of them that came to Sri Lanka formed eight considerable settlements.”Unquote.

From the same article I Quote "Similar sentiments have been expressed by other historians of the country including Dr. Lorna Dewaraja in "The Muslims of Sri Lanka, 1000 years of ethnic harmony 900-1915 AD", Dr. M I M Shukri and Professor K M De Silva".Unquote.

Another excellent description covering the Moros of Sri Lanka is at

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