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Salaams Note to Forum ~ The main thrust of my research is toward understanding the Sri Lankan martial art form "Angampora" which predates the Portuguese period in an attempt to link the Kastane to an earlier date ~ I have not achieved that yet, however, I am encouraged by detail on the website which depicts performers of the ancient fighting style with the weapon. Pictures below show Kastane Hilts depicting the Makara style on two weapons used by that martial system.

This indicates two things...1. It was a weapon and 2. If it was a true martial artists weapon the chances are that it originates in Sri Lankan history from ancient times. Angampora goes back at least 700 years before the Portuguese.

The last of the Angampora gurus existed during the Kandyan kingdom. The martial art, that had withstood the test of time, faced its biggest challenge during this era. The British, two years after capturing Kandy and gaining control over the entire island, passed a law to ban Angampora in 1817. The punishment was brutal ~ Shot below the knees.

Could this be one of the major reasons why this weapon has a clouded history?

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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