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Originally Posted by Amuk Murugul
Hullo everybody!
As I don't seem to recall any example or mention of a Kastane with a WAVY Blade in this thread, I thought I'd post these quick snaps I took when taking advantage of a 'Window Of Opportunity'.(If already given/mentioned, then my sincere apologies and enjoy anyway.)

Salaams ~ Whilst this looks like a bent blade it may be related to blades on , however, what is interesting other than the oddity factor of the blade is the old form hilt with ...a sea monster hilt ...Makara... virtually identical to the water spout and similar hilts shown earlier at # 14 # 15 # 18 etc. etc. typically pouring other deities from their mouths onto the Knuckleguard Guard and Quillons thus fulfilling their role on the sword as the traditional and ancient protector and provider of strength and battlefield prowess linked to the religion, underpinned in architecture, and held in high esteem by all.

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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