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Originally Posted by kahnjar1
Number 2 above is described by Steve Gracie in his book Jambiya Daggers from the Souks of Yemen (Page 149), as "A MADD JAMBIYA" from Lahej region of Yemen. Also on Page 148 there is a photograph dated 1920 of a Yaffa tribesman wearing one of these.
IMHO it shows none of the usual traits of Omani origins.

Salaams again on the same subject ~ Page 417 in The Craft Heritage of Oman by Neil Richardson and Marcia Dorr (An Omani Heritage Documentation Project) refers with a picture and a small description with its name Quote "The style of the Dhofara dagger (Khanjar qabiliyyah) has similarities to both the Yemeni janbiyyah and the khanjar of northern Oman".Unquote.
For research purposes I add the picture below.

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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