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Originally Posted by Ibrahiim al Balooshi
Salaams ~ Note to Forum. Adding to the flotilla of Omani Khanjars ~

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.

1. Number 1 was described with a woft of the hand as from the Sharqiyyah Eastern Oman probably Sennau. An unusual chequered style.

2. Number 2 is a Jebali dagger from Salalah.( a slightly mismatched dagger and scabbard.)

3. Number 3 is a 4 ringer of Baatina style with bedouin eyes below the belt section but with the Saidiyya (Al Busaidi dynasty hilt ~ the one designed by the wife of Said Sultan around 1840ish ~ Sheherezad).

4. Number 4 is a new Saidiyyah 7 ringer with gold adornment and a working dagger behind..

5. Number 5 and 6 is completely unusual. This dagger is actually from Kassab in the Mussandam. I met the chap who made it. He copied it from one given him by his grandfather. It has the look of a Muscat Khanjar of Tee shaped hilt with what appears to be 7 rings plus a ring. It has an odd semi precious stone added. This is a very rare animal.

Number 2 above is described by Steve Gracie in his book Jambiya Daggers from the Souks of Yemen (Page 149), as "A MADD JAMBIYA" from Lahej region of Yemen. Also on Page 148 there is a photograph dated 1920 of a Yaffa tribesman wearing one of these.
IMHO it shows none of the usual traits of Omani origins.
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