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Salaams ~ Note to Forum. Adding to the flotilla of Omani Khanjars ~

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.

1. Number 1 was described with a woft of the hand as from the Sharqiyyah Eastern Oman probably Sennau. An unusual chequered style.

2. Number 2 is a Jebali dagger from Salalah.( a slightly mismatched dagger and scabbard.)

3. Number 3 is a 4 ringer of Baatina style with bedouin eyes below the belt section but with the Saidiyya (Al Busaidi dynasty hilt ~ the one designed by the wife of Said Sultan around 1840ish ~ Sheherezad).

4. Number 4 is a new Saidiyyah 7 ringer with gold adornment and a working dagger behind..

5. Number 5 and 6 is completely unusual. This dagger is actually from Kassab in the Mussandam. I met the chap who made it. He copied it from one given him by his grandfather. It has the look of a Muscat Khanjar of Tee shaped hilt with what appears to be 7 rings plus a ring. It has an odd semi precious stone added. This is a very rare animal.
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