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Originally Posted by Prasanna Weerakkody
The Hatan kavya text “Seethawaka Hatana” written by a warrior who was supposed to have fought in the Great Battle of Mulleriyawela include a narrative in which he refers to at least 5 chiefs who fought with Kasthana swords by name. These include Chiefs Kuruppu (of Korathota), Athulpana, Kahandawa, Weragoda and Wijeyakoon. The Mulleriyawela Battle occurred in 1559 and the text is dated circa 1585. I think this conclusively establishes the existence of Kasthana swords to mid 16th century and conforms my earlier note on the gift of a Kasthana sword to the Arachchi of the Illangama fighters Korathota (see picture above post #62). I need to re-locate my copy of “Rajasinghe Hatana” text which may provide additional reference to confirm the record

This also establishes the fact that Kasthana was originally used in war.

Salaams~ Mulleriyawela; It is an interesting battle (or battles). The website has pictures of Kastane in various places though I have no reference on the exact existence of the weapon. If you have the details it would certainly point to the weapon being home grown though the mid to late 1500s is still in zone for Portuguese co-operation is this swords production and design. Perhaps there is another clue to its origins.

Observing the style of fighting at Mulleriyawela which was derived from a traditional Sri Lankan martial art Angampora (Illangampora being the weapons style) They certainly have single edged short swords in their armoury amongst the many weapons traditionally used. By examining their ancient system it may be possible to see an earlier date on the Kastane. It would be very interesting to see in their records if and where the Kastane appears...See Notes below.

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.

Notes; I have included a quote "Historical Evidences For Angam Kalawa;

MAHA WANSHAYA: This mentions about ANGAMPORA fighting which was used in the battle of king ELARA and KING DUTUGEMUNU.IT specially describes the fighting styles of GHOTAIMBARA AND THERAPUTHTHABAYA.

MAHA WANSHAYA: This mentions that king PARAKRAMABAHU enjoyed a martial art display done by his soldiers in 12th century.

CHULA WANSHAYA: This mentions that king 4 VIJAYABAHU enjoyed a fighting display of his army.

RAJAWALIYA: This mentions how KONAPPUBANDARA (1 WIMALADHARMASURIA) defeated a Portuguese swordsman by using ANGAMPORA.

MAGHA SALAKUNA KAWYA: This mentions about a fighting academy named as “AGE MADILLA” in Kandy in 15th century.

JUGAN HANDERSAN: This writer who served for Dutch in 1669 has mentioned about SRILANKAN fighters in his book on SRI LANKA.

DR.JOHN DEV: HE has mentioned about the “SUDALAIYA”CLAN and “MARUWALLIYA” CLAN who practiced ANGAMPORA.HE has specially mentioned about the deadly fights done in “URA LIDA” (Gladiator fighting arena)

H.C.P BELL: HE merely describes about a fighting clan which was started by a lady named “GALABODA KUMARIHAMI”.Then he reports about the battle of MULLERIYA".Unquote
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