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Originally Posted by fernando
A magnificent Cingalo-Portuguese powder horn; in principle the best known example produced in Colombo during second half XVI /first half XVII centuries. Probably made for a Cingalese Monarch or someone of high rank. The dragon body with ruby eyes is built with chiseled silver covered by with a thin perforated ivory net. The flask mouth has a human figure, possibly a Portuguese, judging by his dressing. The gunpowder pours by his head, while he is praying; this could be interpreted as he wishes the gunpowder is used for well doing. The lid is a Goruda, which releases the gunpowder by pressing its tail.
A real master piece.

Salaams fernando ~ Thank you for your superb pictures of..The Makara flask. This is accompanied by the usual pouring out of not only gunpowder (you will recall your gun lock which also poured out fire) but two demons... The first is a lesser makara form with a peacock tail and the second is an emerging humanoid whose face also appears on the knuckleguards of various Kastane including one of your exhibits. This is indeed the early Makara style as occasionally seen being ridden by one of the Gods.
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