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Default Additional Early Kasthana records

The following images were kindly sent to me by Mr. Ajantha Mahanth-arachchi who is a master of a Angam school of Korathotha

This sword is believed to be gifted by King Buwanekabahu VII of Kotte Kingdom (1521-1551) to the family of an ancillary prince(?) named Range’ Bandara. His descendants are still in possession of the Kasthana shown below as well as 2 Patisthana and one “Hella” spears, an ornate kris and a deed of a gift of land written on two sheets of copper issued under the name of the King.

In addition to the references I provided in posts # 62 and #87. this will provide additional evidence to support an earlier date for existence of Kasthana swords to mid 16th Century.

(Images of kasthana and Copper plates included)

Glad to have contributed in some measure to the understanding of the Kasthana. While being far from an expert on swords, my work as an Artist/painter specializing in re-construction of Ancient Sinhala lifestyle with a main focus on Ancient Sinhala warriors I have been involved in the study of Sinhala Art history and weapons and armor for a while. I hope I am more qualified in assessing material with a better footing on Sinhala culture and traditions and Traditional art practices. And hope we could take this discussion to a good conclusion.

My interest in Kasthana is to trace its origins, the sources, evolution and the time frame. and to better define the Kasthana with a understanding of the design elements. hence my perseverance to establish the true identity of the elements of the sword.

As I noted before I do not recollect seeing any Kasthana with pommels identifiable with Makara forms. If there is any specific candidates we should share them and assess them individually to set the record straight.
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