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Originally Posted by KuKulzA28
Hello! I've been curious about Sinhala swords... There doesn't seem to be as much information of Sri Lankan arms on this forum as there is on say Indo-Persian, European, Moro, and others. All I found were a few threads about Piha Kaetta and Kastane.

Does anyone have knowledge and/or sources on Sinhala weaponry especially swords? Anyone actually own examples?

Aside from kastane, the few images I have seen are from the angampora website which shows "urumi"-like flexible blades and also rustic looking sabers/cutlasses with simple guards and wooden cylindrical grips.

I have little to no knowledge of Sinhala swords and other weapons, so I was hoping maybe some EAA Forum members would have knowledge on this matter.


Salaams KuKulzA28 ~ I hope you find the thread interesting so far. Any input you might have would be useful... and that goes for all our Forum friends and any onlookers ~ (who I urge to join ! ) Kind Regards.
Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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