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Originally Posted by Prasanna Weerakkody
Balooshi as I have noted in one of my earlier posts, the predominant Makara form in Sinhala art of the period emanates floral rather than animal motifs from its mouth. Including a few example images for reference.

Also the issue is not about the occurrence of Makara forms in the Guards etc. but the primary figure on the pommel Which is commonly accepted as a Lion head. - I cannot recollect seeing any figures portrayed on the Pommel depicted with other figures originating from its mouth except an extended tongue. If you got references to it pl. share.

Salaams Weerakkody, 3 out of 4 of your photos show Makara having spilled out the Kirtimukha monster (itself normally seen, as it is here, on all 3 photos, devouring other monsters) and usually displayed at the top of the archway designs.This has been dealt with in # 57.

The 4th picture which is more difficult to analyze appears as a grey looking Makara rolling out a huge long curled serpent with fiery decoration or waves or other minor monsters engraved on it though it is difficult to deduce.

The floral additions that accompany the emission of deities and monsters in your pictures are secondary to the main theme... The Makara spews up primarily monsters and deities. The floral tributes are as a secondary, less important, added design feature.

If the Lion were the source upon the Kastane Hilt the accompanying main theme on the hilt would be floral... Its not..It is deities and other monsters because the hilt is a Makara design. Any flowery aspect on the Hilt is purely supporting but secondary to the main theme.

The Hilt, The KnuckleGuard, The Quillons and The Cross Guard are of one linked style. The Makara head at the Pommel pumps the half crocodile human "face" onto the mid Knuckleguard and minor Makara onto the Knuckleguard top and base plus Makara and Nagas onto the Quillons and crossguard. The tails illustrated are peacock form. Some secondary, quite flimsy, floral work usually appears on the grip and /or extends down the throat.

Therefor i would advise against separating the pommel decoration from the rest of the Hilt. The theme is the same ... Makara.

Best example ~See # 56.

Makara not Lion.

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.

Note; see for an unusual Knuckleguard with what appears to be a serpent(Naga) sliding up the Knuckleguard; in gold.
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