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It is difficult to locate the earliest records of the true Kasthana Swords. but my personal belief is that it is earlier than presumed. I am including an image of a Kasthana presented by Prince Tikiri leading the Sinhala army (at age 16); Who Later became King Rajasinghe I to the Arachchi of the Korathota “Angam” fighters. The Korathota warriors mounted a flanking attack on the Portuguese in the major battle in the Fields of Mulleriyawela in 1559. This Battle was a decisive Battle with one of the worst defeats to the Portuguese with near annihilation of its troops. The Sword still survives in the Family as a heirloom. and if this reference is accepted this will push the earliest record of the Kasthana to mid 16th Century. There are other similar records as well. As I mentioned before there is a proper Kasthana sword in the Colombo Museum that is believed to be of King Buwanekabahu I of Yapahuwa Kingdom which predates the Kotte and Sithawaka Kingdoms. (Though I am not convinced of the authenticity of this piece based on the portrayal of design elements which point to a later date.)

And Thank you Balushi for including the summery of my Presentation to the workshop on the “Portuguese Encounter” held in 2005.

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