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Salaams~ Note to Forum~ see

In the picture below from the above reference is the Cambodian style Makara disgourging another beast similar to the face on some knuckleguards though appearing as it does "swallowing another beast" would normally be referred to as a Kirtimukha.

There is a beast commonly seen being disgourged and at my earlier post #14 picture 5,described in some circles as a half crocodile half humanoid figure and the face seen on Knuckleguards would be this ~ unless it was swallowing something ... in which case a Kirtimukha ....

The example at #56 picture 1 above looks like the humano -crocodile form "face" and appearing on the knuckleguard.

Where the exiting creatures are of the form serpents they are referred to as Nagas.

In the case of other Makara being spewed forth they may be viewed at the tail feathers as having peacock feathers... which is the case in many hilts including # 56 above.

All deities and monsters are seen in many formats pouring forth from the Makara and even a lion is depicted exiting a Makara mouth( not shown here) but so far as I can see, not the other way around..

The Hilt form therefor cannot be a lion form because lions don't throw out monsters in this way.

Makara, however, fits exactly.

Both shown below for ease of reference.

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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