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Originally Posted by M ELEY
Not to distract from the central thesis of the kastane lion vs Makara, but the lion symbols certainly date back to Ceylon's early history. Here's a thread to the so-called 'maneless lion' coins of the early kindom-


Salaams M Eley, I enjoyed going through the reference and noted the final paragraph from a reader..Quote "some people are of the opinion that these are not coins and if they are they don't belong the Island".Unquote

My mind says Makara as the design feature on the hilt of the Kastane. It spews deities all over the hilt. This is illustrated in the many architectural features of temples, flags etc as I have shown. Its not the big floppy headed pussy cat but the vicious Makara looking mythological figure of old. This is of course my opinion.

It alters the way I research the subject and others who believe its a cat can look at it through their own prism... who knows maybe the answer will turn out to be the same in the end?

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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