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Originally Posted by Ibrahiim al Balooshi
Salaams Ok Lets go ! ...

Salaams All ! More Pictures~
Ibrahiim al Balooshi.

1. The delightful Popham Armour. I have top say that having studied about 300 pictures of portrait and armour this is the only one I have seen with a Kastane. Initially I thought that the sword may have simply been an artists "atelier prop" but this logically cannot be the case. The armour itself is extremely expensive and not the run of the mill stuff... This was Pophams personal armour thus it follows that this was his personal side arm... not perhaps his main armament as there is a firearm forward of that and he may logically have had a long sword...This case marks this particular weapon as a defensive weapon or more likely his court sword(or both)?

2. Close up of the Popham Kastane.

3. I think this is the Russian Job. A specially commissioned decorative court sword made in Russia in the style of the Kastane bejewelled on Hilt and Scabbard.

4. Various sized blades. The question as to how long was the blade and if this in fact was a sword, a court sword or a dagger or all three remains? It may have been neither! as an accoutrement only... and not intended as a weapon...?

5. Axe weapons . The Macara decorated many things... Monumental Architectural Archways, water spouts, weapons ... here it is on an Axe weapon.India / Malaya.
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