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Originally Posted by KuKulzA28
WOW... thanks guys... this is awesome!

Let's unshroud this mystery!

Salaams KuKulzA28 ~Ok Lets go ! ...
Ibrahiim al Balooshi.

Pictures Below~

1. Showing an original Sri Lankan (Karava Kingdom style flag with lion style)
i.e. Nothing like the later European heraldic lion "adopted" onto the National Flag.
2. Another style of Macara (I have an actual Macara from Tibet somewhere???...later.)
3. The Sri Lankan form of Macara.
4. A water spout architectural fantasy with Macara decoration on one of the ancient shrine roofs.
5. Illustration of a Macara spewing another demon beasty of human form from its mouth and often seen on the knuckle guard and guard of the Kastane.
6. The hilt showing the Macara and additional spewed beasty.
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