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Default Dutch Naval Dirk. Comment and help

Hi all,
This one came to me through an intermediary from the original owners family in holland.
It is in super condition and appears to a protective coating on the blade (some very light varnish) also possibly on the scabbard and metal parts too.
I've had several things from this family collection and they are often varnished or heavily greased.
The vranish had protected it though.
Sadly the ivory hilt has one ugly age crack and one not so bad.
The pommel doesn't seem to screw off so I guess it's peened.
I've got a little piece of a broken antique ivory ornament that I could grind into dust to fill the crack but what to mix it with?
What would you guys do?
Anyone know anything about these dirks?
I was given a date of 1900, is that about right?
No maker or retailer etched onto the blade, the usual form of design starts immediately with no room for a cartouche.
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