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Default Red Flag Waving ~

Salaams all ~ Note to Forum. I need to mention a thorny subject during which I hope to ringfence the problem placing a sympathetic lid on it but allowing Forum to understand a largely political/historical conundrum which may be corrected in the future but which clouds the past to the unwary~ but after this small note we should not count ourselves amongst.

It appears that the Karava reknowned for their fierce fighting skills ( In fact they were virtually split in half regarding their allegiance on the Portuguese arrival ~ so they fought for and against. That was in the 16th C. Down the ages during the occupation by Portugal, Holland and Britain they occupied roles on all sides as fighters. Since independence a certain amount of re gridding of their position has been undertaken by the now ruling class and or others.. It is a restructuring for political purposes (at best) to re align their history primarily as fishermen. To a fierce soldier class it is rather like down grading say The Rajput as tailors. When applying the research magnifying glass forumites need to be aware of the hidden agenda. I hope it is now ringfenced.

Regarding the use of flags in Sri Lanka it is fascinating to learn that no Kingdom except the Karava were allowed to have a flag. The inclusion of a sword "Kastane" on the National Flag is a recent construction... not at all related to Kastane research in my opinion.

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