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Default Whats in a word...?

Salaams All; Note to Forum.

A number of pointers in the construction of The Omani Khanjar lead me to think that the link with the Rhino is far stronger than at first perceived. viz;

1. The importance of the Rhino Horn hilt.. Power and Prestige.
2. The use of pins mirroring Rhino natural fibrous design in the hilt.
3. The curved shape of the scabbard shaped like a Rhino Horn.
4. The curved blade shaped like the Rhino Horn.
5. The dagger worn at the front. ( see note below)

Intriguing also is the name itself~ KHANJAR; an arabic word... and the closely sounding Yemeni word for their dagger; Jambia (Janbia) meaning beside.. though there is some irony in that the Yemeni weapon is worn frontally. (not on the side, though, the Thuma another similar Yemeni dagger is carried at the side)

The name for Rhino is "Wahid al Gharn"... The one with the horn. Leaving the Yemeni question to one side ( no pun intended ) could the root Gharn be linked to the root Khanj? I can imagine that down the ages this word for horn modified from Gharn to Khanj and thus Khanjar transpired...

So the hypothesis thickens ~ From ancient times was the Omani Khanjar really a dagger and scabbard named and worn as a honorific representation of the Rhino? Does it in fact represent the power, strength and prestige from that great beast.

Are all of the main parts attributable to this single animal?

Caution; Whilst it "looks" like it... and though I show a series of pointers which "appear" to back up my theory ~

There is hardly a scrap of evidence to support my view.

Note. As a further extension to the general theory perhaps the Khanjar is worn frontally for the same reason? i.e. Thats where the Rhino has its main armament !

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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