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Many good points, glad we both see as the truth Ibrahiim.

Glad to see also youve also added non slip grip to your observations, & shape of blade to!.... It seemed that way to me, hence my comments on this & the other thread, pointing this out earlier.

Personaly I think scabbard design looks nothing like a rhino horn & is just a practical evolution to hook underneath a belt or sash, to aid grip as the dagger is pulled.. After all Rhino horns are not nearly U shaped after all.

I think Terrs are made of, Rhino,Elephant, hippo, buffalo, whale & indeed any other thick heavy hide probably? They all work when thick enough...

Re.your point 5, I would agree with you if the nails were just on the pommel, as they usualy cover the entire front of the hilt. i think it more for the grip & decoration that there used?

Must say though that when it cones to blade design, no one on this earth usually uses a double sided dagger as a skinning knife, thats rather impracticle, when you add the central rib as well, which obviosley is for for stabbing penetration, it shows Jambiays prime function is not as a skinning knife. To me personaly it seems from its blade design to be a weapon for shallow slashing & deep stabbing wounds. Obviosly Originaly designed as weapon.

But of course thats just my thoughts, for what there worth....

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