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Originally Posted by spiral
1, I agree.

2, I agree.

3,I agree.

4,I agree

5, Not sure realy. Eye of the beholder i guess...

6. Last but perhaps not of least importance,to provide a sturdy grip to wet,sweaty or even bloody hands.... Usefull in the times it was still a weapon Im sure.


Salaams Spiral ~ It is still a weapon.

Lest we forget the blade was designed "it is said" as a skinning weapon and certainly slippery hands covered in blood would be normal... I would go further into the realms of the Rhino story by indicating that Rhino skin was favoured for the Omani Terrs .. The Buckler battle shield further indicating the influence of this great animal in the history of Omani weaponry.

I urge you to reconsider point 5 above... the pins are a masterful takeoff of the pattern of the spaghetti ends ~ and the entire arguement, discussion, and debate is pinned to that ('scuse pun). From this detail I attach the full on disclosure of the shape of the Omani Scabbard being directly linked to the Rhino Horn design / shape. There is virtually no other practical reason that holds water ~ the key indicators being ~

1. Sea Trade influence with Africa.(availability of Rhino Horn)
2. The prowess of the Rhino ( Power ! Prestige ! Price ! )
3. Practicality( non slip, easy to decorate, translucency with age etc)
4. The fact that the best Terrs shields were taken from Rhino Hide.
5. Looks like a Rhino horn shape.
6. The best hilt is Rhino so why not the scabbard design?

I therefor submit to Forum that the shape of the Omani Khanjar Scabbard is directly related to the Rhino Horn.

Cautionary note: There is some discussion in my team at this time over the origin of material for the Terrs which on one hand appears to be from a land animal waterbuffalo or Rhino? and on the other from a sea animal they call sea dog... probably walruss ... It may be that it is from both. These days I have encountered wooden and reed variants and modern poly/resin products.

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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