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Originally Posted by Ibrahiim al Balooshi
It occurred to me that using silver pins hammered into Omani Khanjar Hilts is done for several reasons;

1. To add weight and balance to the hilt.
2. To add value since the weight of several hundred silver pins is considerable.
3. To decorate the hilt... specifically Rhino since other materials would split where as Rhino accepts the myriad of pins without breaking.
4. Prestige; since it can be seen from a distance and at a glance that here is a Khanjar with Rhino Hilt thus the wearer is a person of some standing.
5. To emulate the spaghetti ended look of Rhino Horn in the pommel top.


1, I agree.

2, I agree.

3,I agree.

4,I agree

5, Not sure realy. Eye of the beholder i guess...

6. Last but perhaps not of least importance,to provide a sturdy grip to wet,sweaty or even bloody hands.... Usefull in the times it was still a weapon Im sure.

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