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Originally Posted by spiral
Just read this from a Virgin coconut oil exporter.

"Virgin Coconut Oil will not go rancid even at room temperatures in the tropics for a couple of years. Conversely, the refined oils that many Americans use are very unstable and turn rancid (oxidize) quickly. Oxidized oils are very toxic to the body and they can cause wide spread free-radical damage."

So I think ill stick to baby oil, {pharmecutical grade mineral oil.} at the time bieng, as it appears rancidity could become a problem even with the best coconut oil a few years down the line, when it eventualy does turn rancid.

But each to there own & if coconut works for you, thats great..


Thanks Spiral, I'll continue to watch things at home but I think you'll find the disclaimer refers to storage/expire date/shelf life of bulk liquids/solids not the very small amount it takes to wipe over dry objects which again in turn do dry with age.
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