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Hi Michael,

thank you and your friend.
it is difficult to date a dagger because there are few differences in style over the centuries and of course very few surviving examples.

a brief comment about the length, most medieval quillon-daggers (daggers with pommel and cross cf GF Laking) have a length between 28-35cm! this is nothing unusual. (see Waffensammlung des bernischen Historischen Museum in Bern,Wegeli)
Guillon daggers longer than 38cm are extremely rare.
fe there are 3 long guillondaggers found in the Castillon hoard, however this is regarded by some as short swords because of their great length.

Oakeshott has made a brief comment about this type of pommel with concave faces in tsitaoc P95, pommel type G
'some examples, mostly dating after 1400, have concave faces"
further, I found 3 swords, maybe daggers or maybe swords for children?, with a similar short ricasso;
musée de lármee jpo1189, RA ROMs P227 # 19, p238 glasgow museum ROMs.

1350-1450 sounds plausible.

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