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Salaams All; Note to Forum.

For something a little different I include here a Khanjar of UAE style (a photo of a photo)and said to have been sold 23 years ago on the passing of the owner. Now one of the sons wishes to have a Khanjar of equal style and quality copied from the original seen here. It is said to have been constructed in Dubai in the old souk (now gone).

The peculiar part is that the cuff of the dagger and throat of the scabbard and the crown are matching "neilo style" something rarely seen in Khanjars. The hilt is Rhino with silver pins, gold buttons, central gold ferule and there is extensive goldwork in the scabbard. I have no shot of the blade(I only had one photo to work with) but suspect a fine quality item.
All I have to do now is build one identical to this!

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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