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Default Very Interesting Thread! 'TALASMANIC KERISes'!

Mine is made of copper recenlty acquired, I do not know whether 'material-copper' is good for Jimat (Talasmanic). Length 25cm in sheath. I wouldn't know whether is new or old because many Javanese old fake kerises in the market. No talasmanic-waves transmitted yet because the keris is just on its way to my home.he he he..hopefully it turns out to be something nice.

SHARING A METHOD: ACTIVATING MYSTICAL PROPERTIES OF NON-ACTIVE KERISES: : Put your keris on top of a white bowl containing water, get a 15 inch Magnifying Glass and place it on top of your Keris during a Full Moon night. Let the moon shine on your keris untill it moves away. If you don't get immediate result, do it a few times during a full moon night. Gud Luck.
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