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Default Placement of Omani Royal Khanjar

Salaams, Ibrahiim,

You advised, "I think it looks great exactly where it is."

I couldn't agree more! Although I'd still like to see it up high on my wall, I think the potential hazards outweigh the aesthetics.

Also, on that Baatista design, why are there only four rings, not seven? Is it only the Royal Omani Khanjar that gets 7 rings?

Thanks again, and sorry for the quality of my last photos. It was night, and I was in a hurry to snap the photos and send 'em on before I fell asleep at the wheel, so to speak.

Sincere best wishes,

P.S. I still think the Royal Omani Khanjar is the most beautiful dress dagger in all Arabia. Of course, I may be somewhat biased.
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