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Havent got any other 'puzzling' clubs to add, but have to say that I also saw nr.2 with inset teeth on ebay and am still very puzzled by it;
1. it does not look -as far as I know- like a 'known type of club' from Fiji or surroundings.
2. especially the carved area where forms (upside down tearshapes, lozenges etc) and lines coming out of the wood <up n below the ring> looks very good and much like carvings on Ula throwingclubs
3. though the machine/tool-like rings on top of the club are on the contrary quite 'non-authentic' looking
4. nice but odd ending of the club by a ball or flattened oblong(?)
5. those inset teeth n hardwood pieces(?) do look kinda practical and authentic again . . . .
6. patine is overall nice but the top; quite dry suddenly as at the top it should be a smooth from handling as is the grip.
7. am not sure about the wood as well

Lots of pro's n cons' which contradict eachother . . . . . . although I decided at the time not to buy it, am still on the fence about this one.
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