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Default Precursor To The French 1882 Infantry Swords?

Hi Folks

A shot in the dark here, as I am as a babe in the woods of French swords but have recently acquired this example that looks a good bit like the later 1882 model.

The blade is an undecorated 34" and one side is marked Kilingenthal with a C poincon. The other side marked Coulaux & Cle with an H poincon. From an internet Klingenthal page, the poincons would point to 1860. The hilt itself has an inboard branch with trellis work. The blade has the offset fullers we see on the later 1882 types.

There is a maker/cutler mark near the quillion on the blade side and an inly on the backstrap that seems to have been defaced. Could this be a second empire example that was then obliterated for use during the third republic?

All the pictures are from Shiloh Relics, where I had purchased it. I had always wanted an example of an 1882 from the 19th century and while not of the later form, has filled that niche for me.

General thoughts on this piece greatly appreciated and especially any regarding the hilt marking. That is G L with crossed swords between.

Thanks in advance

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