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Hi Rick,

This 'matchlock' pistol is an interesting instance of a former North Italian, most certainly Brescian, wheellock holster pistol of ca. 1635-40, altered probably in the 19th c. to convey the impression of a matchlock. The present lock is a complete dummy, maybe a crude replacement for the missing original wheellock mechanism; the whole item may even be a 19th c. production.

The position of the serpentine is not correct either; it should turn to the right by ca. 45 degrees.
Moreover, original matchlock serpentines were never atached by means of a screw; they were always riveted.
The trigger too is fantasy style.

Attached at bottom please find instances of authentic Breascian matchlock arquebuses, with the serpentines in correct form and place, and riveted.

Finally four images of a completely authentic Brescian wheellock pistol, ca. 1635-40; please note the correct form of the trigger!

Thanks for showing.

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