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Hi Michael!! THANK YOU for your most detailed and informative response. You always under promise and over deliver!! I'm back at this thread a little late. I've been busy reading/sharing the additional Posts and threads you so kindly provided. Wonderful. I and others can't thank you enough.

Further down this Thread the conversation went to movie type guns. Thought you all might enjoy these pics. Michael said:

"Flintlocks firing without their frizzen even being closed"

This a cut down M1873 Springfield Trapdoor Rifle made to look like a flintlock -from a distance. These were used in the early movies from the 1930's up to probably the early 1960's. This specimen is from the U.S. MGM Studios inventory. Have no idea what movie(s) this was used in. But it sure has seen a lot of use. These pics don't belong on the European Forum, but thought I would post them in case anyone was curious. Thanks again, Rick.
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