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Hi Jens/Jim,
Many thanks for your comments and your ongoing interest. As far as the Tegha/Tulwar versus Tulwar/Tegha discussion my knowledge is neither deep nor wide enough to hazard an educated opinion therefore I am following your posts with much interest. As far as a Sikh and his knowledge or lack of re swords, I agree, it is much the same as I am a Scot therefore by definition I should speak/ understand Scots Gaelic, I do neither. My Sikh friend is very much involved with the local temple and I was hoping that some of the older worthies there may have come across the terminology we are discussing, but very likely you are correct Jens and most probably they have not.
I realise that it is very difficult, as you say, to give a definitive opinion without having the item in hand but are there any photographs that I could take that might help you to form a firmer opinion.
My Regards to you Both,

P.S. Just for interest the sword weighs in at 3lbs 5ozs.
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