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There seems to be some confusion about the tegha, and from the knowledge I have, I will back Jim. Maybe not when it comes to the Mughal question, there I would say Rajasthan – but otherwise I will back him.

I think the term 'tegha' is one, which should be used with care, as it seems that it can be used, having a very broad meaning.

It is ‘smart’ of the dealers to use the term tegha – the headman’s sword – sounds dramatic. You should however read what Robert Elgood writes in Hindu Arms and Ritual (page256) about it. Here he writes that it is NOT a headman’s sword.

To ask a Sikh is of course all right, however even if someone’s roots are in India it does not mean that the one knows anything about Indian weapons; he could be a specialist on Indian stamps, or something else.
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