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Originally Posted by thinreadline
Anyhow I must finish by thanking you for your excellent articles on this site especially on early accessories .. I have gained knowledge which I would be hard pushed to even know where to look for it.

Thank you so much, Richmond,

As my bandwidth of interest in earliest European firearms and accouterments is much narrower than yours I find it easier to concentrate on what is most important in my eyes - in order to help diminish 'the paucity of knowledge of early firearms in the common realm' as you put it well-wordedly.

I too have gained a lot from writing on the forum, from demanding requests and from what others have contributed.

Finally I think it is not only weapons enthusiasts that get fooled by the films and tv series. Just have a look at a common scene of two people talking in a car, with the driver looking constantly at the person sitting next to him and totally neglecting the road for what seems an eternity - at top speed. How real is this?

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